A Bibliography of Etymological Dictionaries

Gathered From the Libraries of
Brigham Young University,
Utah State University,
University of Utah and
Indiana State University

Organized According to Language Families
Amber T. Heinrich

Linguistics 450

Professor Hallen
August 8, 1997


This bibliography is intended to help students who may be researching a language and wish to consult an etymological dictionary. Therefore, the entries in the bibliography are categorized by language families. In doing this, I generally followed Kenneth Katznerís outline for language families, as listed in his book, The Languages of the World. Since I could not find etymological dictionaries for every language listed by Katzner, I have only listed the language families, subgroups etc. that I was able to find etymological dictionaries for.

This bibliography is focused for students at BYU, who will access the HBLL in their research. I researched the computer database of the HBLL library catalog, including the library catalogues of the University of Utah , Utah State University and Indiana State University. The entries in this bibliography are basically in the same form as found in the library catalogues: the author (if listed) comes first, followed by the title, edition, publishing information and location with call number. The entries for each language category are in alphabetical order according to author, followed by entries with no author. The entries with no author are in alphabetical order according to title.

I was able to review a few of the dictionaries myself and have included in their entries notes that may be useful: Does the dictionary cite dates? Does it refer to textual recordings of words? Are the present and past meanings of the words listed?

I hope that as this bibliography is used, students will add more information and new findings to it. In this manner the bibliography will increase in its value to future researchers.

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