Course Objectives

  • Investigate language change and language reconstruction.
  • Understand the importance of writing in the history of linguistics.
  • Study the origins of philology and comparative historical linguistics.
  • Review the history of the English language.
  • Review and record the history of languages and language families.
  • Explore connections between world languages.
  • Practice basic techniques for reconstructing languages.
  • See the ties between Historical Linguistics and other disciplines.
  • Develop more respect and love for language as a divine gift.

Class Format: Class time will include large group discussions, small group sessions, lectures, demonstrations, and exercises. Class time will include material not covered in the textbooks. Attendance and punctuality are required. The class runs much more smoothly when all are present to share insights and to receive announcements, assignments, instructions, and so forth. At about 10:25 a.m., we will have a short break.

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