A Bibliography of Etymological Dictionaries

Language Family: Sino-Tibetan

Sinitic Subgroup


A: Todo, Akiyasu, 1915-
T: Kanji gogen jiten, Etymological dictionary of Chinese characters.
P: Tokyo, Gakutosha, 1968.
L: UofU PL1281 .T56

A: Wieger, Leon, 1856-1933.
T: Chinese characters : their origin, etymology, history, classification and signification; a through stydy from Chinese documents
E: 2nd ed., enl. And revc. According to the 4th French ed.
P: New York : Paragon Book Reprint Corp., 1965.
L: HBLL 495.1 W427ce

T: Chin wen ku lin
P: Hsiang-kang : Hsiang-kang chung wen ta hsueh, 1974-1975.
L: HBLL Pl 2448 .C44

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