A Bibliography of Etymological Dictionaries

Afro-Asiatic (Hamito-Semitic) Family

A: Orel, Vladimir E.
T: Hamito-Semitic etymological dictionary: materials for a reconstruction
P: Leiden ; New York : E.J. Brill, 1995.
L: HBLL PJ 994 .O73 1995
- entries are reconstructions of Hamito-Semitic; corresponding proto-roots are given for the language groups included under Hamito-Semitic
- classifies Hamito-Semitic languages
- lists reconsructed phonological inventory for Hamito-Semitic and related language groups
- entries cover all categories of lexical units except for pronouns, prepositions, particles and numerals
- no dates

Semitic Subgroup

North Arabic Branch


A: Guillaume, Alfred, 1888-
T: Hebrew and Arabic lexicography; a comparative study.
P: Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1965.
L: ISU PJ3065 .G8x

A: Shttal, Avraham.
T: Milon du-leshoni etimologi le-'Arvit meduberet ule-'Ivrit
P: Tel-Aviv ; Devir, 1995.
L: UofU MIDEAST LIB, REF AREA PJ4837 .S57 1995

A: Van Wagoner, John M.
T: Research Papers, 1949-1977.
L: HBLL Archives-Room 4040 MSS 1763

Canaanitic Branch


A: Klein, Ernest David, 1899-1983.
T: A comprehensive etymological dictionary of the Hebrew language for readers of English
P: New York, NY : Macmillan, c1987.
L: HBLL Hum. Ref. PJ 4833 .K54 1987

HBLL His. /Rel. Ref. PJ 4833 .K54 1987
- no English index
- lists word in Hebrew with English gloss
- some references to the Bible
- no specific dates given

A: Guillaume, Alfred, 1888-

see listing under North Arabic Branch, Arabic.

Ethiopic Branch


A: Leslau, Wolf.

See listing under Ethiopic Branch, Tigre.


A: Leslau, Wolf.
T: Etymological dictionary of Harari
P: Berkeley : University of California Press, 1963.
L: HBLL PL 8225 .Z5 L45
- entries are comparative (compared with other Semitic languages)
- gives present meaning of words
- no dates
- lists phonological inventory of Harari
- shows origin of loan words


A: Leslau, Wolf.
T: North Ethiopic and Amharic cognates in Tigre
P: Napoli : Istituti orientale di Napoli, 1982.
L: HBLL PJ9131 .Z5 L47 1982

Egyptian Subgroup


A: Cerny, Jaroslav, paleographer.
T: Coptic etymological dictionary
P: Cambridge (Eng.) ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1976.
L: HBLL Ancient Studies -Room 4060 PJ 2163 .C4

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