The Ten Commandments of English

Disclaimer: This page is for FUN! Please do not take anything that is stated here seriously. Replace the word "English" and you have the Ten Commandments for any language you want.

I. Thou shalt not use slang in vain.

II. Thou shalt not borrow.

III. Honor thy spelling as it was taught to thee in thy youth.

IV. Thou shalt have no other language before English.

V. Honor thy mother tongue.

VI. Thou shalt not take advantage of thy neighbor for his dialect, nor his relatives or friends.

VII. Thou shalt not kill thy language by imposing unrighteous dominion of rules over communication.

VIII. Teach thy children the language they should use, and they shall not depart from it.

IX. Love thy dictionary with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength; and USE IT.

X. Speak, write, and read, for tomorrow the language may die.

----Jim, Jana, Angela, Nathalie

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