A Bibliography of Etymological Dictionaries

Indo-European Family

Slavic Subgroup

Eastern Branch


A: Chernykh, P. IA. (Pavel IAkovlevich), 1896-1970.
T: Istoriko-etimologicheskii slovar' sovremennogo russkogo iazyka ; 13,560 slov
P: Moskva ; 'Russkii iazyk', 1993.
L: HBLL PG 2580 .C47 1993

A: Preobrazhenskii, Aleksandr Grigor'evich, d. 1918.
T: Etymological dictionary of the Russian language.
P: New York ; Columbia University Press, 1951.
L: UofU General Ref. PG2580 .P7 1951

USU Ref. PG2580 .P7x

A: --- .
T: --- .
P: (1964, c1951)
L: ISU Ref. PG2580 .P7 1964

T: Etimologicheskii slovar' russkogo iazyka.
P: Moskvaa, Tip. G. Lissnera i D. Sovko, 1910-49 (Gos. izd-vo inostrannykh i natsionalykh slovarei, 1959.
L: HBLL 491.72 P91e

A: Shanskii, N.M. (Nikolai Maksimovich)
T: Etimologicheskii slovar' russkogo iazyke.
P: (Moskva) Izd-vo Moskovskogo universiteta, 1963-(1982)
L: HBLL 491.723 Sh19e

A: Jelitte, Hervert.
T: Die russischen Nomina abstracta des 18. und beginnenden 19. Jahrhunderts ; ein Beitrag zur Wortbildung und Wortforschung
P: Frankfurt am Main ; New York ; Peter Lang, 1984-
L: HBLL (two volumes) PG2571 .J44x 1984

T: Kratkii etimologicheskii slovar' russkogo iazyka ; pod red. (i s predisl.) chl.-kor. AN SSSR S.G. Barkhudarova.
E: Izd. 2-e, ispr. i dop.
P: Moskva ; Prossveshchenie, 1971.
L: HBLL 491.72 Sh19k

A: Tsyganenko, Galina Pavlovna.
T: Etymologicheskii slovar' russkogo iazyka.
P: Kiev, 'Rad. chkola,' 1970.
L: HBLL 491.7203 T789e

A: Vasmer, Max, 1886-1962.
T: Etimologicheskii slovar' russkogo iazyka
E: Izd. 2., stereotipnoe.
P: Moskva ; Progress, 1986-
L: HBLL (two volumes) PG 2580 .V3717x 1986

Moskva, Progress, 1964-1973.
L: HBLL 491.723 Va443e

A: Wade, Terence Leslie Brian.
T: Russian etymological dictionary
P: London ; Bristol Classical Press ; Newburyport, MA; available in USA and Canada from Focus Information group, 1996.
L: UofU PG2580 .W33 1996

A: Wolkonsky, Catherine A.
T: Handbook of Russian Roots
P: New York, Columbia University Press, 1961.
L: HBLL Hum. Ref. PG2580 .W6 1961
- discusses Russian word formation
- cites Biblical references for words
- words given in Russian with English gloss
- no English index
- lists roots along with derivatives and compounds
- uses idioms, proverbs and sayings to exemplify words


A: Rudnyc'kyj, Jaroslav B., 1910-
T: An etymological dictionary of the Ukrainian language.
P: Winnipeg, Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences, 1962-
L: UofU PG3883 .R8

Western Branch


A: Nitsche, Peter, 1933-
T: Die geographische Terminologie des Polnischen.
P: (Koln, Bohlau, 1964)
L: HBLL 491.85203 N639g


A: Machek, Vaclav.
T: Etymologicky slovnik jazyka ceskeho.
E: 2., opr. a dopln. vyd.
P: Praha, Academia, 1968.
L: HBLL 491.8631 M182e


A: Herman, Louis Jay.
T: A dictionary of Slavic word families.
P: New York, Columbia University Press, 1975.
L: HBLL Hum. Ref. PF103 .H4
- lists cognates in the Slavic languages
- gives English glosses
- no dates
- no English index

A: Sadnik, Linda.
T: Vergleichendes Worterbuch der slavischen Sprachen
P: Wiesbaden, Harrasowitz, 1963-
L: HBLL 491.802 Sa15v

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