A Bibliography of Etymological Dictionaries

Indo-European Family

Indo-Iranian Subgroup

Indic Branch


A: Macdonell, Arthur Anthony, 1854-1930.
T: A practical Sanskrit dictionary; with transliteration, accentuation, and etymological analysis throughout
P: London, Oxford university press, 1924.

T: ISU 491.2 .M135p

A: Mayrhofer, Manfred, 1926-

T: Kurzgefasstes etymologisches Worterbuch des Altindischen : a concise etymological Sanskrit dictionary
P: Heidelberg : C. Winter, 1956-
L: HBLL PK905 .M3x

T: Etymologisches Worterbuch des Altindoarischen
P: Heidelberg : C. Winter, 1986-
L: HBLL PK 905 .M28 1986


A: Sen, Sukumar.
T: An etymological dictionary of Bengali, c. 1000-1800 A.D.
P: Calcutta, Eastern Publishers (1971)
L: HBLL 491.4433 Se55e


A: Turner, R. L. (Ralph Lilley), Sir, 1888-
T: A comparative and atymological dictionary of the Nepali language
P: New York : Frederick Ungar, 1966, c1931.
L: HBLL 491.49 T857c

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