A Bibliography of Etymological Dictionaries

Uralic Family

A: Redei, Karoly.
T: Uralisches etymologisches Worterbuch
P: Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1986-
L: HBLL Hum. Ref. (eight volumes) PH 65 .R43 1986

Finno-Ugric Subgroup

A: Collinder, Bjorn, 1894-
T: Fenno-Ugric vocabulary; an etymological dictionary of the Uralic languages.
P: Stockholm, Almqvist &Wiksell (1955)
L: HBLL 494.5 C69f

E: 2., rev. ed.
P: Hamburg : Buske, 1977
L: HBLL PH65 .C63 1977

Finnic Branch


A: Lytkin, Vasilii Ilírich.
T: Kratkii etimologicheskii slovarí komi iazyka.
P: 1970
L: HBLL 494.5 L998k

Ugric Branch


T: Etymologisches Worterbuch des Ungarischen
P: Budapest : Akademiai Kiado, c1993-1996
L: HBLL Hum. Ref. PH 2580 .E89 1993

HBLL PH 2580 .E89 1993

A: Barczi, Geza.
T: Magyar szofejto szotar.
P: Budapest, Kiralyi Magyar Egyetemi Nyomda, 1941.
L: HBLL 494.5113 B235m

Samoyed Subgroup

A: Collinder, Bjorn, 1894-

See listing under Finno-Ugric Subgroup

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