A Bibliography of Etymological Dictionaries

Indo-European Family

Celtic Subgroup

Giodelic Branch


A: Maclennan, Malcolm, 18 62-
T: A pronouncing and etymological dictionary of the Gaelic language : Gaelic-English, English -Gaelic
P: Cromwell St. Quay, Scot. : Acair ; Aberdeen : Aberdeen University Press, 1979.
L: HBLL Hum. Ref. PB1591 .M29 1979
- gives Gaelic word with English translation
- lists cognate forms and derivatives
- definitions not always given
- includes English-Gaelic dictionary
- no dates

A: Macbain, Alexander, 1855-1907.
T: An etymological dictionary of the Gaelic language
P: Stirling, E. Mackay, 1911.
L: HBLL 491.6203 M12e


A: Jamieson, John, 1759-1838.
T: An etymological dictionary of the Scottish language. To which is prefiexed, a dissertation on the origin of the Scottish language
E: New ed., carefully rev. and collated, with the entire supplement incorporated, by John Longmuir and David Donaldson.
P: Paisley : A. Gardner, 1879-82.
L: HBLL Quarto PE 2106 .J3 1879

HBLL Microfiche AC 1 .N56 2.1.436
- lists Scottish word with present definition, followed by etymology
-cites dates and texts with occurences of the word

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